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Luxury hotels on the Greek Islands

Luxury Hotels Greek Islands

With so many beautiful destinations and varying landscapes to choose from, the culture and landscape of one Greek island is so different from the next, just envision the Cycladic style villages perched on the high cliffs of Santorini and then the neo-classical architecture on the significantly flatter Island of Spetses. Yet all the Greek Islands… Read more »

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Greece

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Greece

A hand-picked selection of the most romantic hotels in Greece, for a perfect honeymoon. In Greece there is much too explore; the natural beauty, architecture and beaches alone are enough to take your breath away! Tradition still strongly influences its culture and vibrant way of life which together with the laid back and lively atmosphere will definitely… Read more »

Short Stories from Hotel Managers 4

MATER’S HOTEL: Part 4 Click here for Part 1  Click here for Part 2  Click here for Part 3 By a little sour I mean the weather was sort of overcast, the temperature crawling around the mid to high teens, Celsius of course. None-the-less, the guests weren’t having any of it, demanding to be accommodated in the main… Read more »

Short Stories from Hotel Managers 3

MATER’S HOTEL: Part 3 Click here for Part 1  Click here for Part 2 The front office manager was listening impassively, knowing that all the room allocations had been personally executed by our mater and the hotel was brimming over with coach loads of dreary Athenians. The guests were complaining that they had been allocated a… Read more »

Short Stories from Hotel Managers 2

MATER’S HOTEL: Part 2 Click here for Part 1 Following one of mater’s tirades in the restaurant one day, everyone started shuffling awkwardly, sensing that the sudden onslaught had been sustained, miraculously without serious casualties this time, just the Maitre D hanging his head in shame as the veiled recriminations were usually lined with pique… Read more »

Top 12 Luxury Hotels in Santorini

Best luxury hotels in Santorini, Greece

Without a doubt the most picturesque Greek island of all, it is no wonder that Santorini is thought of as one of the best holiday destinations worldwide. Boasting the most beautiful sunsets in Greece, its scenery echoes romance in a setting where wild Mediterranean beauty meets tradition and luxury. The most impressive hotels in Santorini are on the cusp of… Read more »

Short Stories from Hotel Managers

MATER’S HOTEL: Part 1 I’d only just arrived, so my surroundings were still a little unfamiliar, you could call them strange even by local standards and certainly wildly eccentric anywhere south of Calais. Having spent the last year bored out of my mind trying to sell houses in the Home Counties, nothing was moving in… Read more »

How to Spend a Dull Afternoon in Mykonos

Apollonia Resort & Villas, Mykonos, Greece

I recently visited Mykonos arriving by plane from Athens, a short effortless flight which went by so quickly I hadn’t realised that we had already arrived. Meeting us at the airport was the driver from the hotel, the Apollonia Hotel & Villas. The short drive to the hotel takes you through the village of Ornos which… Read more »

Luxury hotels in Mykonos

Luxury Hotels in Mykonos

Mykonos has been made famous by its countless Hollywood stars and other high profile visitors. It is the nightlife capital of Greece and a jetsetters paradise with numerous luxury hotels, trendy bars, gourmet restaurants and wild nightclubs. When looking for luxury hotels in Mykonos there are a variety to take your fancy. If it is… Read more »

A minimalist eco-haven in Halkidiki

Luxury Hotel Halkidiki Greece

The three pronged peninsula of Halkidiki in northern Greece thrusts deep into the Aegean Sea resembling a trident, as if wielded by Poseidon himself. With its lush green forests that reach right down to the beach and golden sunlight reflected in the turquoise waters it is a treat for visitors. The region is blessed with… Read more »