Short Stories from Hotel Managers 3


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The front office manager was listening impassively, knowing that all the room allocations had been personally executed by our mater and the hotel was brimming over with coach loads of dreary Athenians. The guests were complaining that they had been allocated a bungalow suite in the gardens and were appalled at the lack of consideration on the part of the hotel management. Of course April is still considered by many in Greece to be firmly in the grips of winter. Being a summer resort their room had bare tiled floors and no central heating but had been supplied with an oil-filled electric radiator to take the chill off the room. Unfortunately, the weather had turned a little sour and this wasn’t going down well with the guests, having little confidence in the capabilities of the device raising the ambient room temperature by at least 10 degrees. In parenthesis let me say they were quite lucky, as most poor souls were supplied with a pathetic looking single filament heater on a flimsy disc of bronze coloured zinc, guaranteed to warm you up, if only you could all huddle over it.

Stephen G

Part 4 of this short story from a hotel manager in Greece will be released on May 15th 2015


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