Short Stories from Hotel Managers 2


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Following one of mater’s tirades in the restaurant one day, everyone started shuffling awkwardly, sensing that the sudden onslaught had been sustained, miraculously without serious casualties this time, just the Maitre D hanging his head in shame as the veiled recriminations were usually lined with pique in his direction. Of course he should have known better than to set the tables for the Greek’s biggest annual celebration before consulting his master, though I hardly noticed any difference after the reshuffle and wondered whether any of the insults had been traded for my benefit. Should I have known what was going on in that feline warren of a head? Then again even if I had, I certainly couldn’t have pulled off such a stunning performance.

With her temper off the boil I resumed my role as Deputy Manager overseeing the arrival of hundreds of exhausted, weather-beaten guests. Why they insisted on travelling to the other end of the country to celebrate Orthodox Easter was beyond me, but then again nearly everything was in those early days.

Although I had more than an elementary grasp of the language, thanks to my early childhood in Greece, I sometimes had difficulty following rapid conversations, especially heated ones and a couple with two straggly teenagers were banging on the front desk, demanding a change of room. The woman was wearing what appeared to be thigh length boots but that was probably an optical illusion as her hips seemed to merge with her knees, her chin barely clearing the top of the counter. An expensive fur coat draped over her shoulders in typical Greek poise completed her ensemble, whilst her much older companion, presumably spouse, looked more like a Michelin man in his quilted jacket, both were obviously very cosy.

Part 3 of this short story from a hotel manager in Greece will be released on April 17th 2015

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