Romance, Santorini, Greece

Probably the most romantic and picturesque island in the Mediterranean, blessed with endless sunshine, chic boutique hotels, a unique lifestyle and views to die for. It is therefore little wonder that this small crescent shaped volcanic island is so popular with couples and romantics of all ages. Santorini is the epitome of a Greek island with colourful shutters and doors, contrasting with the soft lines of the whitewashed cube-like dwellings, which in the case of Santorini, are mostly precariously perched in self sacrificial fashion on the edge of the one thousand foot cliffs that form the rim of the dormant volcano. The main town of Thira and the villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli, where most of the hotels are situated, are connected by narrow winding paths which follow the contour of the volcanic cliffs. Taking a stroll along these paths just before the sun sets is absolutely magical. You can spend hours wandering along the maze of alleyways where you will find a huge choice of gourmet restaurants, tavernas of every description, trendy bars, boutiques, shops selling designer clothes and jewellery and souvenir shops to fill your bags.

Arriving by sea as opposed to flying in is awesome as the sheer magnificence of the scene can be appreciated at its best. Once settled into your hotel, taking in the vista far below is such a peaceful experience that you will instantly succumb to the charms of this unique island. Apart from relaxing on a sunbed by the pool, Santorini has some interesting coloured beaches, a red beach and a black beach, an unbelievably well preserved archaeological site dating to 1500BC and some interesting museums, not to mention some noteworthy wineries. All in all an island of immense charm.

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