Istanbul, the iconic city on two continents

Luxury Hotels IstanbulThe city of Istanbul is unique in many ways, not least because it straddles two continents with its western suburbs firmly in Europe whilst on the other side of the Bosphorus the rest of the city lays in Asia. It may date back nearly 3,000 years but it has transformed in recent decades into a vibrant, modern metropolis.

As with many great cities of the world, Istanbul displays a rich tapestry of cultures, religions and history, evidenced in the architecture, treasures and spectacular ruins scattered around the city. With minarets, mosques, domes and towers sprouting up all over the city skyline, countless markets, bazaars, shops and restaurants gracing its open spaces and the hustle and bustle of marine and land based transport, Istanbul is very much the commercial, cultural and religious centre of modern Turkey.

We currently have three luxury hotels in Istanbul, whether you’re looking for the history of a refurbished 19th Century mansion or a chic and modern hotel we have something for you.

The slick exterior of the House Hotel Nişantaşı gives you a taste of the modern yet timeless interior that lies within. It sits amongst the high class restaurants and shops of the fashionable and buzzing Nişantaşı district. It is the perfect base for travellers wanting to explore and absorb the culture of Istanbul.

In contrast The House Hotel Bosphorus boasts the original façade of this five-storey 19th century mansion. The Hotel has transformed a classical imperial mansion into a fashionable and opulent retreat, where every detail has been designed with your comfort in mind.

Another 19th Century renovation, which has been meticulously carried out, is the House Hotel Galatasaray. The hotel is situated in the centre of the artistic enclave of Çukurcuma, famed for its art galleries, antique shops and designer boutiques. Full of personality this hotel is the perfect base to explore this city and the staff provide friendly and impeccable service throughout.

If you would like to book one of these boutique hotels in Istanbul and explore this iconic city you can do so through our online booking system.

Luxury Hotels Istanbul

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