A Marriage in Sicily

Mediterranean Wedding: A Marriage in Sicily by Alessandra Maffei

“Who hasn’t thought about getting married on an island?

Those dreams of romantic venues and breathtaking landscapes of raw nature… So beautiful that to be cocooned by it on your wedding day is a Mediterranean blessing straight from the summit of Mount Olympus. Cultures, colours, traditions and histories floating all together on a 25,000km² rock, undulating back and forth between the deep azure of the Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Mediterranean seas: Sicily is where you want to get married!

Marriage in Sicily, Italian Wedding Celebrations

With Italy having the highest concentration of world heritage sites in the world, getting married in Sicily is a mythical experience- a metaphorical journey through past and present, leaving you with treasured images never to be erased from your memory.

The Valley of the Temples, The Roman Villa of Casale, the Aeolian Islands all providing a magnificent atmosphere with pedigree and significance. Not to mention the culture and the food!

Romantic Walk down the beach as husband and wife in Sicily, Italy

A marriage on the plateau of Taormina, breathing in the fresh breeze from the Ionian will revitalise you as you begin your life anew with your beloved. It is the capital of Sicilian tourism, a window to and the the envy of the entire world! And for a wedding with millennial history, Palermo is the location for you. The capital of the Sicilian autonomous region, Palermo lies in a natural amphitheatre called “The Golden Shell”, and it’s unique blend of the oriental and occidental makes it one of the most exotic cities on this planet. Perfect as well for your honeymoon!

Wedding Banquet, Marriage in Sicily, Italy

A bit further down the Ionian coast from Taormina, Catania is sandwiched between the blurred blue horizon of the Mediterranean sea and sky and Mount Etna- the most active volcano in Europe!

Wherever you decide to get married, it should be a place where all your dream begin. A place you can’t easily forget, a place the world has not forgotten, the place that birthed civilisation: in the heart of the Mediterranean.

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